The  "Wave"

 Since  2016

The Wave Food Company has been providing customers with an unforgettable food experience. The Wave Food Company was created to provide food options from local farms and suppliers. It was our goal to create a new "wave" for food and support the "field to fork" movement. We also aim to educate our customers on the benefits of organic and non-GMO food choices. Washington County is a small rural area with potential areas designated as food deserts.  Originally, The Wave Food Company was established to provide local customers with seafood due to the lack of availability. In 2018, the company took a new direction in providing poultry, beef, and pork in addition to fresh seasonal seafood and provides scrumptious meals too! The Wave Food Company provides fresh quality food at an affordable price! 

The Mobile Food Service

Don't have wheels to come see "The Wave Food Company" that is OK. We will come to you and deliver your fresh seafood, a delicious meal, or both!!! Having an event and need food? Contact "The Wave Food Company" for your event needs. BOOK US TODAY!! 

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